Quiz: What Type of Man Are You?


Haven’t you heard? There’s a new man in town – the Alta-male. It’s the type of guy we designed Coach for: “A man who values personal realisation over more conventional measures of ‘success’, and searches for ways to improve himself.” After commissioning research into this phenomenon, here’s what we think are the defining characteristics of the Alta-male.

  1. Traditional masculinity is out
  2. Experiences trump new material things
  3. He feels he has the freedom to be himself
  4. Success is self-defined, not what other people say it should be
  5. Who cares what other people think?
  6. He does the things that make him happy
  7. Kids before career
  8. There’s more to life than work
  9. Age is no barrier
  10. Improvement comes from health and exercise

Recognise yourself? Perhaps a little bit, but those are some very worthy statements. It’s probably easy to tell if you’re an Alta-male based on what you order in the pub, where you go on holiday and what you post on social media. So we came up with this totally unscientific, but totally fun quiz to see which camp of men you fall in to: Alta-male, alpha male, metrosexual, lumbersexual or metrosexual. That’s right, there are no other options. We mentioned this was a bit of fun, right? Excellent.

Take the quiz, share your result, get your alpha male friend Tim to take the quiz and then tell him the ’80s want his attitude back.