The Apprentice 2015 Winner Joseph Valente on Staying Fit When You Work All the Time


Being a contestant on The Apprentice is the equivalent of doing a HIIT workout on your brain every day for 12 weeks; a regime in which Joseph Valente excelled. But aside from mental strength and agility, how does the rest of his body fare on the fitness front?

How would you rate your fitness on a scale of one to 10?

I’d say seven, but I’m definitely looking to get higher – the only reason it’s a seven is purely on the basis that I work more than I can work out. I only have time to do 25 minutes every evening.

What do you do, fitness-wise?

I follow a fitness program called T25, which is basically like the Insanity Workout, but designed for busy people. It’s a number of different workouts based on 25 minutes – it’s not really a muscle building exercise, but it’s good for toning up your body. There’s also a diet plan with it, which I follow as much as I can – it’s set meals in the day, so for breakfast I have porridge and a berry smoothie, for lunch it’s chicken breast and salad, and then dinner it’s fish or steak and new potatoes. I like the food, but once again, it’s just time, for me – it’s very hard to come in after a long day, then do a workout and then cook your food and eat it. After that, there isn’t a lot of time left…

How important is health and fitness to you?

Importance, it’s a 10, but dedication – with regards to the time that I have – it’s back to a seven. It’s very important to me, I just don’t have enough time to dedicate as much as I would like to working out.

What do you do to motivate yourself?

I motivate myself purely on looks, I suppose. It’s one of the main drivers – I’m single, so I’ve got ladies to impress…

How is your fitness fingerprint unique to you and your career?

When I first started my business, the fitness disappeared because I was working every second. It took me two years to be able to get back into the position where I could even think about working out. When you have your own business, you can get so into it that everything else loses place, and it keeps you locked in – it’s all you think about. It’s just business, business, business, and everything else takes a back seat – your social life, your fitness, your holidays, your “me time”. You’ve got to make time, you’ve got to see your family and friends – at least get one day off a week, because working seven days a week is not a life. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re earning or what’s going on, it’s not a nice place to be, because you just become swallowed up by it all. I’ve lived like that.

Joseph Valente, winner of The Apprentice 2015 has recently launched Impra-Gas with business partner Lord Sugar. For more, visit