The Best Folding Bike Helmets


Where do you stow your helmet? It’s a question that has challenged cyclists from the moment they started strapping protective lids to their heads. Do you lock it up with your bike – leaving it at the mercy of the elements while you go about your business – or do you lug it around with you, its bulbous form hanging from your rucksack where it can whack small children in the head?

If neither option seems all that attractive, you might be excited to learn there is another way: the folding bike helmet. No, not helmets for folding bikes. Pack these babies down and they can be easily slipped into a bag.

“But no-one’s wearing them!” you cry. “Is that because they’re not as safe?” Absolutely not. If they’re sold, they have to meet local safety standards. And while folding helmets are yet to truly catch on, that’s largely because there is a shortage of quality options. That is set to change, with a select number of impressive helmets already available and more set to arrive to before the end of 2017. Here are three you can order right now and two to look out for in the winter.

Folding Bike Helmets To Buy Now

Brooks JB Special Carrera Foldable

While it’s perhaps best described as squishable, rather than entirely foldable, this is the most stylish packable helmet available at the moment. Squeeze from both sides to cut its size by around 25%, then secure it with the leather strap to ensure it doesn’t suddenly expand to crush everything else in your bag. £89, buy on

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Morpher Folding

While it folds in the same way as the Brooks – you squash it in from both sides – the Morpher packs down far smaller, making it a better option for those who really want to save on space in their bag. Make sure you opt for the version of the Morpher that meets your local safety standards if you order online. £110, buy on

Overade Plixi

The Plixi folds down to around a third of its full size quickly and easily via a hinge and slide system, rather than the squish and strap style of the Brooks and Morpher helmets. The Plixi is not tiny when folded, but it does fit into a rucksack or satchel without too much trouble. £51.70, buy on

Folding Bike Helmets To Look Out For

Headkayse One

While all folding helmets available for sale do meet safety standards, the Headkayse One is designed to be the best protective lid on the market. It’s made from a new material called Enkayse that’s built to withstand multiple impacts, and it fits any size of head due to the adjustable straps – plus it squishes down from 25cm to 5cm thick. The Headkayse One is due to arrive before the end of 2017, and is expected to cost £89.

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This cardboard helmet attracted interest when it won the International James Dyson award in 2016 and it’s expected to be available to buy by the end of 2017. The EcoHelmet is completely recyclable, fits any head and folds down smaller than any other helmet. It will also be very cheap, and could even be made available at bike hire scheme stands for the ultimate in convenience.